Client Love!

V.I.P. Voicework and mindset coaching Testimonials

“Working with Elise has been an awakening of spirit. She helped me get the voice back I thought I had lost.”
— Jessie Brown, Award Winning Singer Songwriter


“When I began working with Elise, I didn’t have the confidence to perform in front of crowds, and now I do this on a regular basis! She has been a tremendous support and has helped me find my genuine voice.”
— Errol Periera, Singer - Songwriter
“Discovering my authentic voice with Elise is more than just technical voicework; it’s helped me get my life back!”
— Wendy Jeans - Singer, Artist, Humanitarian
“Elise has a very strong and unique gift of guiding people past their blockades through to their own strengths and gifts. She has a beautiful balance in her coaching”
— Noreen Smith - Singer, Ministry Specialist
“I was once told I couldn’t sing and I thought, I wanted to confront my limiting beliefs, my fears and prove to myself that I had a voice, a beautiful and unique one. Elise has encouraged me saying “Your voice needs to be heard in the world, you have something important to share, to say, to sing!

What has unfolded in my work with Elise is nothing short of phenomenal. I have come face-to-face with my fears of using my voice, I’ve written two original songs and I have tangible skills for my work as a yoga teacher, public speaker and healer.

It’s remarkable how using my voice in the practice room always parallels with how I am or am not using my voice in my daily life.

— Erica Blackburn, V.I.P Client and Healer "Erica Blackburn Energy"
Elise helped me move past the blocks that were holding me back from using my authentic voice. Thank you for helping me find unexpected and simple ways to crush my limiting beliefs about my empowered voice.
— Holly MacLaine, Yoga Instructor and Vocal Warrior Retreat Attendee
Elise’s method of coaching is gently encouraging, compassionate and stems from a place of deep knowledge and gratitude for her work. Thanks to Elise’s coaching, I am now a more confident public speaker, more present as a yoga teacher and posses more overall command of my voice as a tool for acheiving my goals. I can’t ‘sing” her praises enough!
— Darrah Richardson, Yoga Instructor and Entrepreneaur
Elise’s gentle, fun and compassionate energy invited me into a safe container to explore what’s happening with my voice. Because of her guidance and intuitive wisdom in only one session, I now feel more connected to the physical limitations restricting my authentic voice, as well as the emotional patterns I’ve held on to that limit my vocal potential. Together we came up with intentional actions to help me move toward the voice I long for, one of freedom! I cannot wait to keep moving toward my powerful and authentic voice with Elise!
— Dee Montie ~ Intuitive Healer, Author and Mentor, "Dee Montie Eternal Wisdom and Healing"
Elise is the soul sister you’ve been waiting for, to hear you as you step into the power of your voice. To encourage the exploration of your own strength, but also the vulnerable side as well. With her magic, your voice will resonate with your truth.
— Mary-Grace Hogan - Coach. "Indomitable Wellness"
“Elise created and brought forth a deep sense of emotional safety, intelligence, wisdom and practical skillset to help me breakthrough my fear of using my voice in a sharing capacity. The discovery of hidden beliefs that were holding me back, invited me to trust my power while understanding the mechanics of the physical body to hold space for myself in the process. My revolution is the discovery that in fact, I am the one who needs to hear my own voice!
— Nicole Marie ~ Intuitive Healer
“Within my first session with Elise I felt more connected and confident with my voice than I’ve ever experienced in my entire life! She held a very supportive container as I let go of self imposed limitations. Elise is an amazing guide into courage, strength and vulnerability. The experience working with her was not only felt in my body and vocal instrument but I could also feel deep healing and transformation within my mind and soul”
— Natalie Parsons ~Intuitive Healer, Soul Coach and Sound Healer "Inspired Self"