Hi! I’m Elise Besler

Industry acclaimed Voice Coach and Singer-Songwriter, Voice Empowerment Coach, Artist Mentor and… Vocal Warrior!

FUN FACT: I’ve been lovingly dubbed “the stage fright whisperer” by my clients over the years!

online or in person, we will…

Build and maintain vocal skill, all popular styles of music

Build and maintain healthy vocal function and hygiene

Explore artistry, range expansion, stage presence

Build your business, as an artist, (and actually make bank!)

Crush your stage fright and nerves, step on stage with confidence and inner strength

navigate creative blocks, embrace your true artistic potential

In the 20+ years that I’ve been a Voice Coach and Artist Mentor, here’s what I know for sure;

Anyone can sing

We all have two voices; inner voice and outer voice (both matter, a lot!)

Your voice is an instrument, just like any other

Growth as a singer depends on the willingness to show up and do the work, even when it feels challenging

Courage is the catalyst to confidence.

A combination of technical voice work, artist and performance coaching and soul-centred personal work is like “magic pixie dust” for your vocal growth and industry goals.,

This is called “v.i.p. Voice work”

singers! You are ready now!

Ways to work with me…

1:1 V.I.P VoiceWork

1:1 Artist and Industry Coaching

Artist Workshops


Artist client love!

“Working with Elise has been an awakening of spirit. She helped me get the voice back I thought I had lost.”
— Jessie Brown, Award Winning Singer Songwriter
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“When I began working with Elise, I didn’t have the confidence to perform in front of crowds, and now I do this on a regular basis! She has been a tremendous support and has helped me find my genuine voice.”
— Errol Periera, Singer - Songwriter
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“Discovering my authentic voice with Elise is more than just technical voicework; it’s helped me get my life back!”
— Wendy Jeans - Singer, Artist Humanitarian
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“Elise has a very strong and unique gift of guiding people past their blockades through to their own strengths and gifts. She has a beautiful balance in her coaching”
— Noreen Smith - Singer, Ministry Specialist
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