empowered voices are built

From the inside.

voice empowerment and Mindset coaching

with Elise Besler


Elise Besler ~ Mindset Coach

I’ve been coaching soulful people just like you for over two decades.

1;1 Speech coaching for public speakers

1:1 Voice empowerment coaching for those seeking confidence

1:1 and group mindset coaching

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your voice is powerful beyond belief …


Like you, I know the challenges of discovering my own authentic and empowered voice, (all the deets are in my bio!) including a return to the stage on my 40th birthday that has allowed me more success in my music career than in my earlier years!


What if I told you that you COULD speak up when you want to, that you COULD shift your limiting beliefs to allow you to advocate for yourself and others?

It’s all possible.

I know what it feels like to ignore that gut feeling, the one that says “I CAN DO THAT!", and sit back wishing you had the right words to say; to be empowered in your own voice. Spending too much time wondering why limiting beliefs hold you back, even though you know you have so much potential. Soul centred personal work, clear communication and healthy boundaries have been the catalyst for big transformation and change in my own life, and the lives of my clients.

I’m the voice empowerment and confidence mindset coach for you!

Instead of giving your dreams of speaking your truth the cold shoulder (and dismissing them as “not possible”), I’m going to help you unleash your most empowered voice, uncover the limiting beliefs and blocks that have held you back from the voice you truly want AND clearly communicate with those around you, even if you think it’s not possible.

During your sessions we work on…


Clear and non-violent communication skills

Confidence and mindset work

Overcoming limiting beliefs that have held you back

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