Hey! I’m Elise Besler!

I am : a Voice Empowerment Coach, Voice Teacher, Motivational Speaker, space holder and steadfast optimist!

Oh, and also; a dog loving , CALIFORNIA CHARDONNAY drinking, net-flix binging, CHICKFLICK WATCHING, Canadian Singer - Songwriter ~ EH?!

I am not : here to tell you what you’re doing wrong.

no… really ~ that’s not my job ~ (cue memories of mean voice teachers with close-minded ideals of what voice work is “supposed” to be )

this is my own story and journey to vocal warriorhood…

When I was a little girl even though I was painfully shy and hid behind my mom’s legs and then a bullied teen who felt shame every time I didn’t stand up for myself, I was always encouraged to speak up…

If I could have held myself up the way encouragement did in times of self-doubt,

I would never have faltered; I would have always spoken up…

… at age 11, I became enticed by the beautiful mistress – singing.

I discovered something new about myself every time I stepped on stage as a teen and young adult in music college. Courage, hard work and empowered connection to other likeminded people filled my spirit … 

though, I was deceived and dominated by an ache;

… the power of crippling perfectionism …


This, paired with an insecure childhood filled with inauthentic friendships, I often found myself falling prey to the “fake it till you make it” and approval seeking mentalities in my musical pursuits more often than feeling truly authentic in my musical expression and communication.

It felt like I was trying to fill a deep void of missed self-worth, instead of revelling in the deep joy that music and performance brought me.

I sought, I came up empty.

I was jealous, I thought I wasn’t good enough.

I stayed silent instead of advocating.

I got caught up in the game of comparison and scarcity.

I knew there was something different, dare I say, “better” waiting for me…

… in a turn of unexpected events, everything changed

I became a Voice Coach. 

i love working with people who are ready to step into their vocal power! 

For the past two decades, I have been honoured to witness my clients overcome and reframe their own limiting beliefs, fears and blocks to creating and using their most authentic voice; whether or not they have plans to belt a song out on stage or be able to make requests of people in a connected and clear way. I’m always inspired and astonished by the power of the human spirit when courage shows up. These thousands of clients have allowed me to tap into my own power as a coach, voice worker and artist.

The more I show up for my clients, the more I feel like a warrior in my own life and voice.

In the beginning – a painfully shy childhood to a teenage-hood engrossed in discovery of the love of music performance and youth leadership and then… the biggest vocal growth period; studying vocal performance and composition in college and finally; a rewarding career as an acclaimed voice coach and singer songwriter empowering others to use their own voices , I was seemingly set up for a lifetime of empowered voice use.

From the outside looking in, it probably looked like I was the most empowered vocalist on the planet, but something BIG was missing.

That’s right… I wasn’t sharing my own voice with the world.

On January 1st , 2016 – the beginning of my 40th year around the sun, my husband Scott said to me (about my upcoming big bday in September of that year);

 Hubby: “hey babe, should we have a huge party for your 40th this year?”

Me… thinking… thinking… tapping into heart center…

“Yeah – and it’s gonna be a CD release party”


Hubby: “ok, well I guess we better get busy recording!” (bonus! Hubby is a recording engineer and fantastic musician!)


It’s Never too late…

sing. create. heal.

On my 40th birthday, I released my first original music in over 20 years.

It felt right, the most right I could have felt about anything in my life and now, with 4 big music industry nominations, 2 records and many bucket-list gigs later… I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Since this joy affirming action, I’ve invested heavily in myself, working with the most fantastic coach trainers, studio musicians and voice work certifications ~ I have also logged more hours with clients than I can count.

I am passionate about empowering others to step into their vocal power – on stage, off stage and in all parts of life.



Jazz Voice Performance and Music Composition Degrees – Grant MacEwan University

Certified in Somatic Voice Work ™ The Lovetri Method

2 Time ECMA (East Coast Music Awards) nominee (Artist)

4 Time Music Nova Scotia Award Nominee (Music Education and Artist)

Life Coach Training with Wild Abundant Life (TM)

20 years as a Private and Group Voice Coach working with thousands of professional and award winning performers, hobby singers, public speakers and actors